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Reasons for Failure

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Reasons for failure at interviews:

These results are based on a survey carried out on 1000 international companies.  Any one of the 32 ways can make the difference of getting a position or losing out. Any two and you have wasted your time going for the interview.
  • Late for the interview
  • Poor personal appearance
  • Sloppy application form
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm
  • Showing little or no interest in the company or industry
  • Showing intolerance and /or strong prejudices.
  • A lack of planning for career without purpose or goals.
  • Avoiding unfavourable factors in your past records.
  • Failure to look at interviewer while conversing
  • Not asking questions about the position
  • Giving indefinite responses to questions
  • Being overbearing and overaggressive and having a conceited attitude
  • Wanting the job for only a short period of time.
  • Merely shopping around
  • Unyielding, too rigid, too demanding
  • Inability to take criticism
  • Limp, fishy, wet handshake
  • Poor diction, bad grammar and inability to express oneself clearly.
  • Lack of confidence and poise, nervous, ill at ease
  • Indecision
  • Laziness
  • Lack of manners and courtesy
  • Lack of tact.
  • Lack of maturity and vitality
  • Being cynical
  • Unwillingness to arrange future interviews
  • Failure to appreciate for interviewer's time
  • Having very narrow interest
  • Failure to participate in activities
  • Low moral standards
  • Being a high-pressure type.
  • Replying to questions with clichés
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