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Our Approach

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Spectrum's Approach 
  • A consultant is assigned to a client whose operational needs best matches the consultant's background and experience.
  • Upon the review of an in depth job description and a brief from the client as to the type of personnel required, an agreement is entered into.  
  • All Spectrum offices and affiliates are advised via the 'Spectrum Computer Network' and the search is commenced. On average, there may be anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 candidates on the Spectrum Network.
  • The Spectrum search criteria is addressed and may cover a range of specialised skills such as languages, experience etc.
  • Where necessary or when directed by a client, a carefully prepared advertising campaign is launched to reach further candidates via the print media.
  • The Spectrum Consultant will then arrange a pre-screening of potential candidates and commence the necessary reference checks.
  • A short list is then formulated, based on the original brief and a presentation is made to the client.
  • Repeat Spectrum clients who have come to rely upon our vast experience will leave the final decision making process to the consultant. Alternatively, clients may elect to exercise this option for themselves.

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